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The DETERCA Lab, created 40 years ago, is a unit for research and teaching of the university of Bordeaux. The previous director, Pr J Perissat, a pioneer in endoscopy, developed in this lab numerous surgical instruments for the endoscopic digestive pathology. He also ensured a technical training in the endoscopic surgery for French and foreign surgeons by having a collaboration with the Brazilian school of surgery.

The current director, Pr J.C Le Huec, was the successor in 2001. He put emphasis on the development of other surgical techniques and acquiring a first class equipment dedicated for research and teaching.

The training :

The LAB provides multiple university diplomas in addition to numerous national and international courses (in English) for surgeons training in all domains: orthopedics, spine surgery, digestive surgery, urology, microsurgery, neurology, ENT, gynecology…
The labs equipment (endoscopic, navigation, visio-conference) allows for interactive sessions of a high level.

The creation of the SIMBA platform (plateforme mutualisee SIMBA: Plateforme mutualisée de simulation en santé - Bordeaux Aquitaine) in Bordeaux university will allow the DETERCA to widen the spectrum of its activities by using top notch surgical simulators.

The research :

The DETERCA is a research facility as well. Not only It allows the development of new surgical techniques, but also new surgical implants and biomaterial designed for human application.
The DETERCA is DDPP certified (Direction départementale de la protection des populations) and all experimental activity is allowed after the authorization by the ministry of teaching and research (law 2010/63/EU). The veterinary of the university supervises the quality of the delivered treatment.

Permanent members of the DETERCA team::

 A director

 A vice director

 Two technicians

 An animal professional

 A secretary…

And many other intervening members based on the necessity of the performed procedures.
The DETERCA has become a national reference in terms of teaching and research in the University of Bordeaux with the recognition of the SOFCOT (société française de chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologique).